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The attorneys of FerrisWinder PLLC are admitted to practice in all Virginia state and federal courts. They are experienced in a broad array of legal topics and issues. They and their paraprofessional staff share a common drive for excellence, and work diligently to bring the maximum benefit to all of the firm/client relationships, whether the issue is routine or complex.

The key to FerrisWinder PLLC earning success is forming true partnerships with its clients. The attorneys and staff of FerrisWinder take the time to learn about what each client needs, which helps us negotiate and litigate when issues arise. Also, this approach helps to anticipate issues before they arise, which helps our clients achieve their own successes.

Richard Ferris and Brad Winder have a combined 25 years of legal experience in the Courts of Virginia.  We can answer your general legal questions, represent you in general legal matters, and prosecute or defend you in most civil law suits.  We can help you with the legal aspects of running a business.  Call us for all of your legal needs.  If we cannot help you, we can get you to a qualified attorney in the area who can. We offer the following services:

Richmond Bankruptcy Lawyers

How Will you Prepare My Bankruptcy Case?

Whether interviewing you, dealing with your creditors, or representing you in front of the bankruptcy trustee or judge-FerrisWinder comes prepared to represent you to the best of our ability.  Our key to success starts by interviewing you and getting an understanding of what needs to be included your bankruptcy petition which is filed with the bankruptcy court.  Having accurate and complete information in your petition is one of the keys to getting you a favorable outcome in your case.  What is a favorable outcome?  In a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy that would be having the Federal Bankruptcy Court enter an order that you are no longer legally liable for your debts.  In a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy that would be getting a Chapter 13 plan confirmed by the Court.

Personal Attention From an Attorney – Start to Finish

First and foremost, we will talk to you about your case and hear you out. We take each and every case personally, so you can count on getting personalized attention from our attorneys and support staff. We will thoroughly go through all the details and prepare a bankruptcy filing to get you the outcome you desire—a discharge of your debts. We will offer advice and assistance in collecting the necessary documents that can be used to support receiving a discharge. We will also inform you of your rights and legal remedies available to you.

Representation at the Meeting of Creditors and Bankruptcy Court

After we file your petition you are required to attend a meeting of the creditors.  At this meeting you meet with the bankruptcy trustee appointed to hear your case and any creditors that might wish to attend.  Generally speaking, creditors rarely attend.  At this meeting the trustee asks you questions about your bankruptcy petition and your financial situation.  A firm lawyer represents you at this hearing as part of your bankruptcy representation.  After that hearing we take care of any follow up required by the trustee to get you through to your discharge.  Usually your discharge will be granted approximately 60 days after this meeting.

From the Moment We Push the Button, FerrisWinder has your Back

FerrisWinder is by your side to help you with your financial matters.  We can stop garnishments and follow through with your creditors until you have your money back.  We can stop Warrants In Debt and harassing creditor calls.  We can help lift these debts off of your shoulders and work together with you to help shape a bright financial future.  Along the way, we’ll help you to develop a plan that will allow you to use the income that you earn to take care of your basic living expenses—rather than paying 18% revolving interest (or higher) to unsecured creditors.  Financial hardships can truly be stressful and even potentially harmful to your health, so stop worrying and make your creditors answer to us—we’ve got your back every step of the way.

Richmond Lemon Law Attorneys

FerrisWinder is a Virginia law firm whose primary focus is protecting you, the consumer, in connection with enforcement of the Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Act §59.1-207 of the Code of Virginia, also known as the “Lemon Law”.  Make the manufacturer and/or retailer of your car or truck answer to us, as FerrisWinder enforces and advocates for consumer rights with all major auto makers on a daily basis.

Has Your Vehicle Created any Hardship for you?

When you pick up the telephone and call FerrisWinder, we evaluate all Lemon Law claims that are potentially available, determine the statute of limitations period, explore all theories of possible recovery, and aggressively advance your cause of action to the greatest extent allowed by law.  The Code of Virginia recognizes that a motor vehicle is a “major consumer purchase” and when such a vehicle is defective, it creates a significant hardship for you, the consumer.

Our attorneys also have considerable experience advancing your rights under the Magnussen-Moss Federal Warranty Claims Act  (15 U.S.C. § 2301 et seq.).  Enacted in 1975, it is the federal statute that governs warranties on consumer products. In certain circumstances, advancing your rights under Magnussen-Moss allows for a longer period under which the manufacturer can be held accountable.  Without a doubt, the Virginia Uniform Commercial Code has other powerful provisions that can also be used to advocate on your behalf, including express and implied warranties.

We’re with You Every Step of the Way

Attorneys J. Bradley Winder, Richard Ferris, and Adrian Kammerer have years of experience advancing consumer rights in connection with vehicles that continue to fail to meet your expectations.  When these vehicle defects or impairments fall into certain categories, they are often referred to as a “lemon.”  Our team evaluates all defects that impair the vehicle’s use, market value, or safety of the motor vehicle—leaks, air bag issues, transmission and power train issues, problems with the electronic or steering system.

As strong advocates of your consumer rights, we look at the types of repairs, length of repairs, how many times your vehicle has been in the shop, and most notably how long your vehicle has been out of service.  FerrisWinder evaluates the age, mileage, and all of the circumstances regarding when, where, and how your vehicle was purchased in connection with protecting your claim with regard to any consumer responsibilities, notification requirements, and certainly in connection with filing suit in the United States District Court for the Eastern or Western Districts of Virginia.

FerrisWinder Holds Manufacturers’ Feet to the Fire…

Our primary goal in serving you is to minimize any hardship that you’ve encountered because of purchasing the motor vehicle and hold the big manufacturer’s responsible for your inconvenience.  As we pursue a lemon-law claim on your behalf, keep in mind that we’ve successfully held all major manufacturers’ “feet to the fire.”

Successful Consumer Advocacy Minimizes Hardships

When we determine that you appear to have a successful lemon law claim, and you retain FerrisWinder to advocate on your behalf, you pay us NOTHING.  The consumer protection statutes contain fee-shifting provisions that make the vehicle manufacturers pay your attorney fees.  When any anticipated original excitement associated with purchasing a motor vehicle has instead become nothing but frustration, put our team of lawyers to work for you—FerrisWinder PLLC, lemon law practice section.