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Why are Takata airbags so dangerous?

The Takata airbag catastrophe triggered the biggest automotive recall in the history of vehicles. As of the date of this blog article, automotive manufacturers have recalled approximately 37 million vehicles for Takata airbag problems. Nearly every month we hear of additional vehicles that have been subject to such recalls.

By December 2019, automotive regulators expect that a total of 65 to 70 million cars will have been recalled resulting from the dangerous -- and potentially fatal --problems associated with these airbags.

Why are Takata airbags so dangerous?

The primary problem with defective Takata airbags relates to the inflation devices that activate in the event of a vehicular collision. The inflators, which cause the airbags to instantly fill with gas and provide cushioned protection for drivers and passengers during auto accidents, can build up too much pressure inside them. They then explode like small bombs within the passenger compartments of vehicles.

The result is hot metal shrapnel exploding throughout the automobiles. So far, there have been scores of deaths caused by exploding Takata airbags all over the world. In fact, a lot of these deaths happened in relatively minor collisions that would otherwise not have resulted in any fatalities had the airbags functioned properly. For that matter, had there not been any airbags at all in these vehicles, the occupants probably would have survived the crashes. It's sad to think that a device designed to save lives was actually the reason for victims' deaths.

Millions of recalled vehicles will never get fixed

Another sad part of the Takata airbag saga is the fact that numerous recalled cars will never get repaired. Some vehicle owners are too unmotivated to take them in to be fixed, while others may never receive the notices that their vehicles were affected. There are also many used cars on lots around the country that have not been fixed. New owners may not realize that the used car they purchased still needs to be repaired.

If you or your loved one suffered an injury or death caused by a defective Takata airbag, do not delay in examining your legal rights and options. The law may be on your side in terms of pursuing financial compensation and other remedies in civil court.

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