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March 2018 Archives

Telling your child about your pending divorce

Once you and your spouse have made the difficult decision to divorce in Virginia, you are faced with the harsh reality that you need to break the news to your children. This kind of extreme adjustment is often met with confusion, sadness and even anger from young children who do not yet understand what is happening. At Ferriswinder PLLC, we have been able to help many couples work through the legalities of divorce with an outcome that is beneficial for all parties. 

Can creditors try to collect money after you file bankruptcy?

One of the primary reasons why people file for bankruptcy is that they are tired of collection attempts by creditors. They want to be able to check the mail without seeing a pile of demand letters and to answer the phone without having to fret about who is hounding them for money.

A closer look at the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy

For many companies, filing for bankruptcy is a financial woe that is avoided at all cost. Many companies go to extensive efforts to protect their assets and secure a successful financial future, however there are times when circumstances such as economic downturns, can create situations where filing for bankruptcy is inevitable. When companies in Virginia who find themselves struggling to stay afloat financially begin to consider going bankrupt, it is imperative that they understand the pros and cons of such a serious decision. 

Going over some benefits of divorce

For some people, making the decision to end a marriage can be incredibly tough. Often, people who have been married for years wonder how splitting up with their spouse will affect them, not only from a financial point of view but from an emotional standpoint as well. Moreover, those with children may face additional concerns related to the custody of their children, child support, and other matters. However, these concerns may be relieved by carefully looking ahead and preparing for some of the different challenges that could arise. Moreover, there are a number of reasons why divorce can be advantageous for people in Richmond and across the entire state of Virginia.

Not enough income to pay debts? Chapter 13 may help

If you have more debt than income, you may wonder which of your bills you should apply your money to each month. Falling behind on the mortgage of your Virginia home does not seem like an option, but creditors are becoming more and more aggressive in their attempt to collect the debts, and now you fear having your wages garnished, which will only make things worse. 

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