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Seeing the benefit of having a prenuptial agreement

For many happily engaged couples in Virginia, the last thought on their mind is divorce. So, when the idea of signing a prenuptial agreement is proposed, many people are immediately turned away or even offended at the thought. However, what a lot of folks do not realize is that having this type of agreement in writing can actually be a valuable tool to use and reference throughout a marriage whether it ends in divorce or not. 

Contrary to what many believe, the sole purpose of prenuptial agreements is not to be an umbrella protection if divorce ever comes around, although this is just one reason why a prenup may be beneficial. Rather, couples who discuss their future together and consolidate their thoughts in a prenuptial may choose to address concerns related to asset separation, distribution of property if someone dies and even allotment of debt and who will be responsible for paying creditors. In fact, there can even be clauses that protect one another from certain things, especially if those factors were related to a previous relationship that either party was involved in. 

For couples who are considering writing a prenuptial agreement and are curious as to where they should begin, hiring an attorney is an excellent option. With a legal professional guiding the way, couples can explore several aspects of their relationship and determine which areas they wish to clarify in terms of the future. Once written in a clearly organized document, both parties can sign and be confident that their future is protected. 

Source: KPLC 7, "Legal Corner: Why does my fiance want a pre-nup?" McKenzie Ball, May 9, 2018

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