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September 2018 Archives

Maintaining physical health during divorce is important

When a couple makes the decision to pursue a divorce in Virginia, their time often fills up with making important decisions about their future and how they will begin to untangle years of sharing everything they have with someone else. Even during quieter periods of the divorce process, people may be so consumed with their emotions, that maintaining their physical health goes on the back burner. However, when people recognize the value of maintaining their health and wellbeing despite the chaos, they can put themselves in a better position to cope with the unprecedented changes. 

Boomers and bankruptcy

If you are like most Virginia residents in their 60s and older, you never expected to be at this stage of your life still struggling to make ends meet financially. Yet, if this is your everyday reality, you are far from alone. New data released from the Consumer Bankruptcy Project shows that more people 65 and older are filing bankruptcy today than in the past.

Waiting for Social Security Disability can lead to financial woes

The average worker in Virginia has no desire to secure Social Security Disability income. After all, the only reason people apply for these benefits is a severe injury or debilitating illness. It can be incredibly humbling for someone who has spent their entire adult life working for a living wage to need to ask for Social Security Disability payments while unable to work.

What is the dealer's responsibility to you?

You are excited about the prospect of getting a vehicle that is new to you. You are confident that under the protection of the Lemon Law in Virginia, you will be able to find a vehicle that is dependable and reliable that meets your requirements. Understanding what the dealer's responsibility is to you is important so you can make sure that you have accessibility to all of the protections provided by the state's Lemon Law. 

Recovery from bankruptcy takes time and commitment

Bankruptcy is rarely something that people plan for. In fact, it is often a decision that is made after the grueling discovery that recovering from financial missteps is relatively impossible. For many people in Virginia, the disappointment of having to file for bankruptcy is exfoliated by the fact that their credit will take a significant blow from such a large financial blunder. However, with time, it is certainly possible for people to recover from going bankrupt and continue to enjoy a promising and rewarding financial future. 

Frontier Airlines works to overcome financial instability

When companies realize they are on the verge of bankruptcy, the future can seem quite bleak. In many cases, organizations fail to overcome their weaknesses and end up having to suspend business operations entirely. However, businesses in Virginia that are financially struggling, have many options to consider as they try to diagnose what missteps were ultimately responsible for creating their current situation. With the right strategy and tenacity, struggling companies are often able to regain traction and once again enjoy success.

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