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November 2018 Archives

Missed payment on debt just one problem for David's Bridal

A company's ability to manage its debt and maintain a steady stream of cash flow is imperative to its ability to succeed, attain growth and remain competitive. Without a solid financial foundation, other aspects of operating an organization just cannot function and can quickly send everything spiraling out of control.

Why were you disqualified for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

If you filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Virginia and the bankruptcy court converted your case to a Chapter 13 or dismissed it altogether, you may be wondering why. What caused you to become ineligible for liquidation bankruptcy? According to FindLaw, there are several seasons that the bankruptcy courts may have converted or dismissed your case.  

Why are so many large retailers filing bankruptcy?

Recently, it is not a surprise to hear in the Virginia news that a large retailer is filing for bankruptcy. It seems to be a very common occurrence. Many blame online retailers, such as Amazon, or mass retailers, such as Walmart. While Amazon and Walmart may play a role, the real reason why so many are moving to file bankruptcy is to get ahead of their financial troubles.

Balancing debt: 3 tips to avoid bankruptcy

As someone who has always had a lower amount of debt, you were able to pay your bills on time and make sure they were paid in full or close to it. As you got older, more bills began to add up. Today, between schooling, renting an apartment and other expenses, you rarely have enough to pay everything on time.

Maintaining your health is critical during your divorce

You have recently decided to divorce your spouse in Virginia and are beginning to deal with the onslaught of decisions regarding your future that needs to be made. While you may not take a second thought for your personal needs during this busy, frustrating and challenging time, failing to maintain your health can be detrimental to your recovery from divorce. At Ferriswinder PLLC, Attorneys at Law, we have helped many people get through the time-consuming process of getting a divorce. 

What are Virginia's bankruptcy exemptions?

If you have reached the point of considering personal bankruptcy, your first question is one that most in the same financial position in Richmond likely share: "What do I stand to lose?" Bankruptcy is meant to be a tool to help put you back on the path to financial stability. At the same time, achieving that becomes difficult if you have to forfeit up much of your own personal property in the process. For this reason, the law allows you to keep your interest in certain property exempt from bankruptcy proceedings. 

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