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December 2018 Archives

Virginia's homestead exemption act

Though today's economy is better than what it was a decade ago, it is still tumultuous. Because of this, Virginia homeowners should be aware of their rights should they need to file bankruptcy. Most states have homestead exemption laws, which prevent lenders from kicking homeowners out of their homes should they undergo drastic changes in financial circumstances. While Virginia's homestead exemption laws are not the worst in the nation, they are amongst some of the most unforgiving.

What are some bankruptcy myths?

Bankruptcy can be a confusing process. Even if you think you know everything about it, there may be things you think you know that are actually not true. There are many myths out there about this process. Not understanding the truth about it can cause you issues if you are deciding whether to file in Virginia.

Understanding disability hearings

As a part of seeking or appealing disability benefits, you may have to appear for a disability hearing. This hearing is generally used to determine the validity of your disability claim, and offers you and representatives an opportunity to present evidence.

Re-establishing credit after Chapter 7 bankruptcy

People in Virginia who find themselves facing severe financial challenges may end up deciding that filing for bankruptcy is the best way to get out from under their mound of debt. Once this decision has been made, there will be steps to complete the Chapter 7 process but it is also important to focus on how to move forward after the bankruptcy is complete since a better future is ultimately what a bankruptcy can provide for people.

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