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January 2019 Archives

Financial lessons that can be gleaned from divorce

When a couple is in the throes of getting divorced in Virginia, they may struggle to see any value coming from their decision. However, with time and commitment to overcoming a difficult change in their relationship, they may be able to begin to recognize how their decision ultimately led to greater opportunities and valuable life lessons. 

Bankruptcy myths: It's smarter to pay your debt

You decide to declare bankruptcy. Before you do it, you mention your decision to a friend or a family member. Maybe you're looking for advice or feedback. Maybe you're just making conversation. Either way, you definitely get some feedback, and your friend is critical of the whole process.

Utilizing bankruptcy as a resource and not a solution

When people have reached the decision to file for bankruptcy in Virginia, they could have spent considerable time leading up to their decision, doing everything in their power to get out of the financial situation they are in. Others may have simply settled on bankruptcy as a convenient method to smoothing over the issues they have encountered with their cash flow. Whatever their reasons, one of the biggest mistakes that people can make is to see bankruptcy is a solution. 

Who pays college expenses for a child in a divorce?

If you are getting a divorce or are already divorced in Virginia, you may wonder who will pay for your child's college expenses. This is a valid concern as college costs are rising. In addition, if you receive child support, that will end either when your child turns 18 or graduates high school. You may not be able to afford the costs yourself and wonder if the child's other parent has an obligation to pay.

What does "as is" mean when buying a used car?

If you want to buy a new car in Virginia, it is important that you understand what you are getting into. For instance, when you see the phrase "as is" in conjunction with the sales propaganda, beware. That is not to say that all as-is vehicles are lemons, but there is a good chance that any as-is vehicle has a costly and difficult to repair issue. However, before you write off all as-is used vehicles, you should better understand why and when dealerships use the term. 

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