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May 2019 Archives

Keeping bankruptcy from causing permanent damage

The stigma that is tied to bankruptcy often makes the decision to file seem bleak and hopeless. In fact, many people in Virginia falsely believe that once they file for bankruptcy, it is impossible to recover and put that financial woe behind them. In reality, while bankruptcy can undoubtedly create some difficulties for a person's financial situation, it does not have to cause permanent damage if it is managed correctly. 

Breaking the news about a divorce with civility

While many divorcing couples in Virginia do their best to keep news of their split private, there will undoubtedly be those close to them who speculate about what is happening. Breaking the silence and explaining what has become of the relationship is something that can provide divorcing couples with protection from rumors and judgment, but should be carefully curated to avoid hindering the process. 

Understanding different types of debt

If you are one of the many consumers in Virginia who continues to struggle with a mound of debt that only seems to increase despite your best efforts to pay it off, you might have given thought to filing for bankruptcy. Before you make a final decision about a bankruptcy, you will need to know which type of plan could best suit your needs. One element that should be evaluated when making this decision is the amount and type of debt you carry.

Divorce issues involving children and your financial future

Divorce can be a tough process for many different reasons, from struggling to adjust to daily life without a spouse to dealing with legal issues and anxiety over going to court. For some people, such as those who have kids or are worried about the financial impact of their divorce, this can be a particularly complex time. Moreover, it is important to realize how some divorce issues are related. For example, ending your marriage when you have children could lead to financial issues that need to be addressed in closer detail and there are many ways that your finances may be affected, especially if you have to pay child support or expect to receive these payments.

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