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Breaking the news about a divorce with civility

While many divorcing couples in Virginia do their best to keep news of their split private, there will undoubtedly be those close to them who speculate about what is happening. Breaking the silence and explaining what has become of the relationship is something that can provide divorcing couples with protection from rumors and judgment, but should be carefully curated to avoid hindering the process. 

Couples who immediately tell their friends and family about what has happened and are detailed in their response may face the risk of oversharing. Giving away too much information can cause the people closest to them to form negative opinions about the other party which could create unnecessary drama and contention. Furthermore, couples who are bitter and spend their time tearing their soon-to-be-ex down could actually end up hurting themselves more in the long term. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, one of the worst things people can do is to immediately publicize their divorce on a social media platform. Details should be kept private and discussed only with close relatives or friends who the divorcing couple relies on for support and advice. People can benefit from spending time to write a script that provides an answer to the question of what happened, without sharing too many details or tearing down the reputation of their former spouse. 

According to the American Psychological Association, statistics show that at least 40 to 50% of Americans will end up divorcing from their spouse. While divorce may not be surprising, the way it is shared with mutual friends and acquaintances of the couple should be done carefully and respectfully. 

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