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Minimizing the impact of credit card debt on your finances

Personal debt is something that nearly everyone in Virginia will experience at one point or another. Significant purchases such as a vehicle or home are especially popular reasons for your needing to seek a loan. At Ferriswinder PLLC Attorneys at Law, we have helped many families navigate the complexities of debt and bankruptcy. 

Perhaps one of the most preventable, yet debilitating types of debt you may be experiencing is credit card debt. While convenient to use, relying on your credit card for all of your purchases and being lenient in how you approach paying back what you owe, can leave you sinking in an ever-growing mountain of debt. According to U.S. News, when you recognize the need to focus exclusively on paying down credit card debt, it can feel and be counterproductive to continue using your card. Instead, implement the use of a debit card or cash when you need to purchase anything. Once you are confident that your debt is paid down and you have your use of your card back under control, consider reintroducing its use slowly and infrequently. 

You may be hit with the stark reality that paying off your debt is not something that can be done overnight unless someone with lots of money comes in and takes care of your debts for you. Staying motivated is critical to your ability to continue to make progress toward paying back everything you owe. Spend time thinking about what goals you hope to achieve by minimizing your credit card debt and use that as fuel in staying motivated in accomplishing your endeavors. 

When you employ financially savvy strategies into your spending habits and reduce credit card debt, you can minimize the impact that mounting debt could have on your ability to maintain a strong financial foundation. For more information about preventing bankruptcy, visit our web page.  

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