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How to cut costs during divorce

While divorcing your Virginia spouse can take a serious emotional toll on you, it can also take a financial one, but the good news is, you have at least some level of control over how much your divorce ultimately costs you. At Ferriswinder, PLLC, we recognize that there are a number of steps you can take to substantially reduce the cost of your divorce, and we have helped many people pursue uncontested divorces and employ other strategies to save themselves money amid their splits.

Per Forbes, the average divorce can cost you somewhere between about $5,000 and $50,000, with geography, among many other factors, playing a role in how much your divorce winds up costing you in total. Ponying up that amount before you officially go your separate ways, though, can make it exponentially harder to put down a down payment, come up with a security deposit or otherwise prep for life on your own. Therefore, figuring out how to cut divorce-related costs may well be in your best interests.

So, what kinds of things can you do to reduce how much you spend on your divorce? For starters, give some thought to whether you and your ex might be able to work through matters in an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce, in its simplest terms, is one in which you and your former partner largely agree on what you plan to do as far as custody, asset division and so on. This type of divorce keeps you out of court, and it can also speed up the entire process, saving you considerable money on legal fees, court fees and the like.

Another thing you can do to cut costs during your divorce is, simply put, act like an adult and avoid bickering over the little things. Often, the marital home and the things inside can prove to be major points of contention, but if you can stop “sweating the small stuff” and fighting over every last chair or light fixture, it can save you substantial time and money in the end. Find more about cutting costs amid divorce on our webpage.

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