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Controlling behavior and deciding to divorce

Marriages come to an end for a plethora of different reasons, such as physical abuse or an affair that resulted in gossip throughout the family (and even community). That said, some problems may be more difficult for others to detect, but they can still be very serious and may ultimately seal the fate of a marriage. For example, if someone is very controlling in their spouse’s life, their behavior may cause the marriage to fall apart. If you have a very controlling marital partner, you may be tired of the different challenges you have to face, and you may be considering moving on.

Controlling spouses can be difficult to live with, and they may control various facets of their partner’s life. They may monitor their spouse’s vehicle use, relentlessly bother them about them their day or the people they spend time with (such as friends). A controlling spouse may take their partner’s wages to use for themselves and they may prohibit someone from spending time with their relatives, such as their parents, siblings and other family members.

There are many other examples of controlling behavior, such as someone preventing their spouse from having certain friends or taking part in activities that they used to enjoy. This can not only place a lot of strain on a relationship, but it can make daily life incredibly tough for those who are not allowed to live life as they wish. Sometimes, even the most minuscule aspects of one’s life are controlled, and this can lead to a sense of hopelessness. Those considering the divorce process should be especially cautious if they have an overly controlling spouse.

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