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October 2019 Archives

How to obtain debt relief

Virginia residents and others who are dealing with credit card or other types of debt may consider filing for bankruptcy to eliminate existing balances. This may be especially beneficial for those who have limited incomes. However, other options exist that some people may want to consider as well. For instance, it may be possible to convince a creditor to forgive some or all of a debt, and this can be done either with or without an attorney. However, it is sometimes easier to get a favorable outcome with the assistance of legal counsel.

Debt consolidation loans can actually make your debt issues worse

People dealing with overwhelming or unsustainable levels of personal debt are often eager to find a solution that can help them pay off what they owe quickly. Companies know there is a demand for debt relief, and they are always ready and willing to make a profit off of people struggling financially.

Financial realities for today's older Americans

Millennials may be a large part of today's population but the vast number of people who are 65 or older in Virginia and all around the United States is large and growing as well. While 65 was long heralded as the age at which a person retired, that seems to be far from the case for a great number of people in modern society. There appear to be several reasons that contribute to this fact.

Bankruptcy: A learning experience and motivational tool

When people realize that bankruptcy is their last resort and most likely the decision they will need to make in order to get rid of overwhelming debt, they may feel defeated and worried about their future. While bankruptcy has its pros and cons like anything else, for people struggling with significant debts in Virginia, it can actually be a valuable tool in helping them to get back on their feet and work their way toward an independent financial future. 

Can joint custody be beneficial for your children?

Divorce is often a complicated process, especially when there are children involved. When parents choose to terminate their marriage, kids are unwilling participants and are subject to follow whatever is decided in the final divorce settlement. In some cases, children are forced to move into a sole-custody arrangement where they spend the majority of their time with one parent. Yet, multiple studies show that kids who spend a significant amount of time with both parents have advantages over children who do not. 

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