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Can joint custody be beneficial for your children?

Divorce is often a complicated process, especially when there are children involved. When parents choose to terminate their marriage, kids are unwilling participants and are subject to follow whatever is decided in the final divorce settlement. In some cases, children are forced to move into a sole-custody arrangement where they spend the majority of their time with one parent. Yet, multiple studies show that kids who spend a significant amount of time with both parents have advantages over children who do not. 

More than 33 studies have been conducted reviewing children who live in sole-custody, joint-custody and traditional family arrangements. Researchers found that kids in joint-custody situations experienced the following:

  • Fewer emotional problems

  • Stronger family relationships

  • Better grades in school

  • Fewer behavioral problems

Long-term, children raised in joint-custody arrangements went on to complete higher levels of education, had stronger marriages, had successful careers and were involved in more social circles than children who were raised in sole-custody households. 

In most cases, there is less stress, negativity and animosity in cases where parents share custody of the children. This directly results in less stress and anxiety passed on to the children involved. 

It is beneficial for kids to spend time with both parents, as each parent adds something to a child’s development. While mothers provide a safe and comforting environment, fathers encourage kids to explore their surroundings. Keep in mind that joint-custody is not best in all situations, especially if there is abuse and neglect involved. 

This information is intended to educate and should not be taken as legal advice.



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