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How do you file an Illinois lemon law claim?

The purchase of a vehicle usually represents a huge investment, so it can be enormously disheartening for you to discover that an automobile you recently purchased has some sort of defect or flaw that prevents it from running properly, keeping it in the shop more often than it is on the road. You may be able to get recourse through Illinois' lemon law, but only if you meet the requirements for filing and your vehicle is eligible.

What does "as is" mean when buying a used car?

If you want to buy a new car in Virginia, it is important that you understand what you are getting into. For instance, when you see the phrase "as is" in conjunction with the sales propaganda, beware. That is not to say that all as-is vehicles are lemons, but there is a good chance that any as-is vehicle has a costly and difficult to repair issue. However, before you write off all as-is used vehicles, you should better understand why and when dealerships use the term. 

Is my used car covered under the lemon law?

When you buy a vehicle in Virginia, you expect it to be in good condition. Unless the seller discloses any issues, you expect it to run properly and not require any maintenance. When buying a used car, there are often exceptions. Since the car is not new, it may have issues even the seller does not know. In any case, the lemon law may help you if you get a vehicle that has serious defects.

What is the dealer's responsibility to you?

You are excited about the prospect of getting a vehicle that is new to you. You are confident that under the protection of the Lemon Law in Virginia, you will be able to find a vehicle that is dependable and reliable that meets your requirements. Understanding what the dealer's responsibility is to you is important so you can make sure that you have accessibility to all of the protections provided by the state's Lemon Law. 

Understanding the Lemon Law is important for your protection

You are looking at buying a used car as a commuter vehicle for your new job in the city. As you have begun looking through the inventory at several dealerships in Virginia, you are having a hard time feeling confident about choosing the right car. Even though all of them may appear clean and aesthetic on the exterior, they could be hiding some secrets of the past. At Ferriswinder PLLC, we are experienced in working with clients who have needed to rely on the Lemon Law to save them from a fraudulent purchase. 

Why are Takata airbags so dangerous?

The Takata airbag catastrophe triggered the biggest automotive recall in the history of vehicles. As of the date of this blog article, automotive manufacturers have recalled approximately 37 million vehicles for Takata airbag problems. Nearly every month we hear of additional vehicles that have been subject to such recalls.

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